CBD Oil for Migraines: Does It Work?

CBD Oil for Migraines: Does it Work?

By Owen Denning

CBD Oil for Migraines: Does It Work?

So, a big question asked recently is does CBD work for migraines? however there isn’t much evidence to support this question, as not many researches has been able to take place due to the laws around cannabis.

However, a few studies have been taken place and both studies have been positive in one study 26 people who experienced headaches took a mixture of cannabis and either ibuprofen or nabilone, and although both worked, the mixture of cannabis and nabilone worked the most giving them a better quality of life.

Another study took place where 48 people took CBD oil for migraines, and about 40 percent reported fewer migraines overall, however this was due to the participants complaining about the right dosage for them, therefore the study wasn’t accurate at all.

Although there is currently debates about the use of cannabis, there definitely is many benefits when it comes to cannabis, however there is evidence to back up that CBD works for migraines it is still not 100% proven.

However, CBD oil for headaches can be taken via vaping or ingestion. Oral CBD is less likely to cause side effects however, it doesn’t work as quick as vaping does, as vaping reaches your bloodstream quicker however CBD will work better in the long run.

It helps with the pain that comes with a headache but is not yet proven to help headaches, however it is known to help with headaches but not scientifically proven. 

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